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Cargo Crates

starting at $1,250




Full Size  
2 Side Drawers @ 36" Long $1,382
3 Side Drawers @ 36" Long $1,822

Mid Size
2 Side Drawers @ 30" Long $1,320
3 Side Drawers @ 30" Long $1,740

Small Size
2 Side Drawers @ 28" Long $1,250
3 Side Drawers @ 28" Long  $1,650

Full/Mid Size
47" Wide Under Drawer  $1,785
2 Under Drawers @ 22" Wide $2,225
2 Side Drawers plus 47' Wide Under Drawer $3,167
2 Side Drawers plus 2 Under Drawers $3,607
Standard Features

Cargo Crates

Jones Trailer Cargo Crates are essential for anyone who likes organized and clutter free space. Our Cargo Crates are built for the customer who wants to store thier gear safely and easily retrieve it. The Cargo Crates have all aluminum framework and a stainless steel skin. Each crate is durable and can conveniently be moved in and out of the vehicle. The heavy duty locking drawers are carpeted with firearm foam inserts and space dividers available. All sliding drawers are multipurpose and can fully extend the length of the drawer which brings all your gear within reach in no time.  Our Cargo Crates are custom built and can be made in any combination or size. If you want to avoid clutter, save time, and keep your stuff safe take a look at our Cargo Crates.

We can custom design the crates and drawers to any size and combination to fit your needs. For custom designs and pricing give us a call @

1-800-336-0360 or 1-940-345-6808.

Each Drawer Fully Extends and Locks.


Click Here for Canine Crates and Storage Brochure.




Model As Shown: $4,298 

Bottom Drawer Strong Enough to Hold 500 lbs.

Full Size: 6 Drawer System-------------------$4989




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