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Chassis Mount Specifications

All aluminum construction for strength and durability. The entire skeleton is welded together to form a protective cage for the animals in the event of a collision. The aluminum construction also allows for the use of a 1/2 ton truck for slide in units and a heavy duty 1/2 ton truck ( GVW of 7500 lbs) for chassis mount units. Framing is constructed of aluminum tube.( 3” x 2” x .125”, 2” x 2” x .125”, 1” x 2” x .125”, 1” x 1” x .065” )

Exterior Skin: 
ALUMINUM- White pre-finished smooth .040 thickness. Very durable and easy to clean. STAINLESS STEEL- Stainless steel is the best all around material for animal transportation equipment. Stainless is maintenance free, extremely durable, will not tarnish or corrode, light weight and can be disinfected. We use a 24 gauge thickness in type 304 stainless, number 3 polish. Stainless steel also gives a very professional appearance to your unit.

Our doors are the strongest in the industry. We start with a full frame of aluminum tube. The chosen skin material is then riveted to the frame. We use a full length stainless steel piano hinge for strength and durability. We use stainless steel latches on all outer doors unless other latches are specified. Door frame of 1” aluminum square tube, fully welded.

Safety Bar Doors: 
Our bar doors are constructed of aluminum, with vent holes set on 2 1/4” centers with an aluminum perimeter frame. Door is welded. The ventilation holes offer excellent air flow, good visibility, tremendous strength, are maintenance free and are the most durable. A heavy duty slam latch is used to secure the door. This latch is also a “one hand “latch. A catch pole access hole is built into every bar door.

Insulation (Optional): 
We use a double wall construction. 1” of polyisocynurate insulation is trapped between the inner and outer skins. This is true insulation. We do not rely on “dead air space” for insulation.

Exhaust Fans (Optional): 
12 volt fans are available. We offer two sizes. The smaller fan moves 100 cubic feet per minute and the larger fan moves 965 cubic feet per minute. Both are roof mounted.

Stall Sizes: 
Stall sizes are dependent upon the number of stalls in the unit and the size of the truck. Standard long bed truck with 6 stall body and storage will yield a stall size of 24” x 39” x 34” tall.

Storage Area: 
Storage is offered on some models. Size is dependent upon the number of stalls and the truck size. Standard long bed truck with 6 stall body and storage will yield a storage area 20” wide x 78” long x 34” tall, full through with a door on each end. storage area includes carpet floor, interior lighting, equipment hooks.

Rubber Floor Mats (Optional): 
Our rubber floor mats are removable for easy cleaning. They are 3/8” thick and are very durable.

Aluminum pop up roof vents to force fresh air into the body are combined with large aluminum fully adjustable louver vents. Louvers are formed from .050” thick aluminum. We provide more ventilation than any other unit on the market today. We are located in West Texas and understand hot weather and it’s effects upon animals. All animal compartments have heavy duty aluminum louvered vents in their doors. The vents are adjustable for any weather conditions. Our animal compartments are also cross ventilated to provide additional air movement. Pop-up roof vents are located on the roof of each unit to force air into the animal compartments and out the door vents.

Air Conditioning: 
We offer evaporative air conditioning with 12 volt power. We can also do a “rear air conversion”, where we install a separate condenser and fan unit in the body. The “conversion” uses the existing compressor and freon lines under the truck hood.

Skirt Package: 
Optional .065” aluminum polished tread plate extends to the bottom of the cab and runs the full length of the body. Optional inset tool boxes constructed of .065” polished aluminum treadplate are offered.

Interior Lights: 
Flush mount, 12 volt, stainless steel housing.

All dimensions are based on a standard size body on a standard length full size 3/4 ton truck with a 56” cab to axle measurement. 
Height of body ----40” 
Stall size----24” wide x 39” deep x 34” tall 
Storage area----20” wide x 78” long x 34” tall

Steel conversion frame bolted to truck frame with rubber damper washers. Aluminum body frame bolts to the steel conversion frame with rubber damper washers. 1/2” bolts used to mount body and conversion frame.

All wiring and electrical appliances are protected by fuses. All connections are secure, wrapped and run in conduit. No wiring, connections or electrical appliances are to be allowed to come into contact with the animals.

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